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You've got your own little place under the sun .

So now you just can sit back and relax ?


Or don't you ?




You like to spend half of your well -earned holiday

the same way as at home ?


No ?




Wouldn't it be nice if everything had been arranged

before your stay ?

The right room temperature, made beds,

a hot shower or cool dip,

a neat garden, ... ?


It all seems self-evident, but is it really ?



Sure it is,

because while you just enjoy, ....

we take care of the rest !!!




Welcome to our site









Since 1989 we have been fitting high class kitchens in Belgium and from there, all over Europe (and beyond)


Now based at the Costa del Sol  in southern spain, we continue to work along the same principles :


- Belgian (perfect) quality

- An appointment is

an appointment

- There are more than 5 hours in a working day 


Because of demand we expanded our services to all other related areas :

now covering everything from small repairs of any kind to complete make-over,

and from emptying your mailbox to complete management.


In brief, everything is possible, just feel free to ask


Dignef S.L. 2011